Wednesday, August 24, 2005

He Said, He Said

[[E X C U S E S]] * OK, let me see if I’ve got this straight. First, religious broadcaster and former GOP presidential candidate Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Hugo Chávez, Venezuela’s leftist president. That was on Monday’s edition of the Christian Broadcasting Network program The 700 Club. Then, earlier today and on the very same show, apparently hoping that nobody would remember from one day to the next what the hell came out of his mouth, Robertson claimed that he’d never used the word “assassination,” but had been “misinterpreted” by the Associated Press, which originally reported the story. Now, the rightist reverend has issued a press release apologizing for the very statement he had alleged, only hours before, never to have made in the first place, which was that “if [Chávez] thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war.” Robertson insists he “adlibbed” his remark out of “frustration.”

If you’re still confused, well, you’re not alone. “So which is it,” Media Matters asks. “Did Robertson ‘adlib’ the assassination line, or did he never say it? What will his next explanation be? And is Robertson now admitting he lied earlier in the day in his statement on The 700 Club? Will he apologize to the news organizations he falsely accused of misinterpreting his unambiguous call for Chávez’s assassination?” Pray tell, Pat.

READ MORE:Editorial Pages Nationwide Condemn Robertson Comments” (Media Matters); “White House, Religious Right Fail to ‘Condemn’ Robertson’s Fatwa,” by David R. Mark (JABBS); “Pigeon Poop,” by James Wolcott; “Why Did President Ford Ban Assassinations?” (History News Network).

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Tim said...

Where you that follower in school who when someone was being picked on and your in the back ground going “Yea…get him, Yea!”

Pat Robertson looks really bad right now, great, what have you added to the conversation by doing this post?

Have you ever! Ever! Posted anything about real leaders, or real countries who have called for the over throw of America, and has publicly asked Muslim extremist to use his country as the launching point for attacked on America?

Lets say that true, and lets say he has done this… you hate this leader, would you hang out with your buddies and say “why doesn’t the CIA just take him out right now before another 9-11, and save us from going to war later”

Would you post about it?

Do you care if this is true or not?

Are you worried?

Do you agree with

Let’s say, it’s not true, that this real leader didn’t say any of this, why not find this out and share with us WHY Pat’s a nut, would you do that, or just not care, and keep being that silly punk who goes, “Yea, get him…hit him, hit him” and then when his down you you jump in and give a little pussy kick with the side of half brain foot?