Saturday, August 13, 2005

How ’Bout a Beelzeburger, Instead?

[[B U S I N E S S]] * I must confess, until my latest episode of blog-surfing, I’d never heard of AdFreak, but I’ll certainly be revisiting that site on a more regular basis in the future. A multi-contributor blog focused on the wide world of advertising, AdFreak packs plenty of humor into its tidbits of eccentric news. (And, really, what could be more eccentric than modern advertising?) My favorite posting so far comes from Tim Nudd, and it’s headlined “George W. Bush Will Not Be Going to Hell.” As Nudd explains:
President Bush has never been to New Zealand, but if he goes, don’t expect him to grab a slice at Hell Pizza. The chain has made a habit of insulting the president in its ads. There’s the one shown here, which has been defaced. Then there’s an even more blunt execution, which carries the same photo along with the line, “Hell. Too good for some evil bastards.” The country’s ad-standards board is discussing this second ad today, to decide if it can stay up.
Of course, the war-mongering Bush has long been unpopular outside of the United States, even if he has, until recently, managed to hold onto at least majority favor in his own country. But who expected the Kiwis to take such devilish delight in ridiculing the guy?

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