Saturday, September 03, 2005

Meanwhile, Back in Iraq ...

[[W A R]] * Operation Milestone Millstone, the Australia-based blog that’s been try to keep track not only of U.S. military deaths in Iraq, but also fatalities among contractors and others involved in the cleanup and reorganization of that war-torn nation, reports that the corpse count is now nearing the 2,000 mark. The tally as of yesterday was 1,995--just a single bloody encounter away.

According the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, 1,886 American troops have now perished in Saddam Hussein’s homeland, along with 194 British and other “coalition” forces, bringing the total to 2,080. That includes the 83 people who, according to blogger Tbogg’s count, died while George W. Bush was on his record-setting August vacation in Crawford, Texas.

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