Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Number 2,000 With a Bullet

[[M I L E S T O N E]] * “It gives me no pleasure to announce that we are officially at 2,000 dead Americans in Iraq ... It also gives me no pleasure to announce that no-one noticed,” writes “Luckery Land,” the Australia-based blogger who’s been endeavoring to keep tabs not only on the number of U.S. soldiers killed since George W. Bush declared war on Saddam Hussein’s homeland, but also fatalities among contractors and others who are involved in the cleanup and reorganization of that Middle East nation. This total, posted earlier today, comprises a depressing 1,887 soldiers and 113 contractors--but it’s already out of date. According to the Iraqi War Casualties Count Web page, four more soldiers met their deaths over the first two business days of this week, bringing that category count up to 1,891. Land concludes his most recent post by saying, “please spread the word--let’s hang the president and the rest of the ‘Mission Accomplices’ with their own evil deeds.”

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lukery said...

aha - good work Jeff.

thanks for helping spread the word.

it wont be long till the president gets some bad press when the 2000th dead soldier dies - its a shame we couldnt get him bad press for this latest milestone. unfortunately, there will be more milestones to come.

btw - my main blog is over at wotisitgood4