Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Those Rove-ing Reporters

[[S C A N D A L S]] * I don’t usually think about visiting Radar magazine’s blog, The Wire, in search of breaking political news. But this item, posted today, might merit wider attention:

The D.C. Rumor mill is thrumming with whispers that 22 indictments are about to be handed down on the outed-CIA agent Valerie Plame case. The last time the wires buzzed this loud--that Tom DeLay would be indicted and would step down from his leadership post in the House--the scuttlebutters got it right.

Can it be a coincidence that the White House appears to be distancing President Bush from embattled aide Karl Rove? “He’s been
missing in action at more than one major presidential event,” a member of the White House press corps tells us.

If the word on the street is right a second time, we have a bit of advice for Rove: Go with vertical stripes, they’re way more slimming.
UPDATE:U.S. Officials Brace for Decisions in CIA Leak Case” (Reuters); “Is Karl Rove Targeted for Indictment?,” by Tim Grieve (Salon).

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