Saturday, October 15, 2005

What’s Next, Killer Rabbits?

[[E C O N O M Y]] * More proof that George W. Bush is actually Jimmy Carter, only without the compassion or the familiarity with the English language. First, we had Bush, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, halfheartedly encouraging Americans to drive less and support conservation. Also, the prez’s poll ratings are sinking fast, causing even many in his own party to turn against him. Now, Dubya is presiding over the biggest jump in U.S. consumer prices in 25 years. (For the history-challenged, that means since 1980, when Carter was still sitting in the White House.) According to the Labor Department, “ninety percent of the increase came from a record-shattering 12 percent surge in energy prices, reflecting tight supplies after widespread shutdowns of refineries and oil and natural gas production along the Gulf Coast.” Maybe it’s time for Bush to ditch those ill-tailored suit jackets of his, and find a nice, comfy, Carteresque cardigan to wear.

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