Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mr. Smith Goes After Washington

[[T U B E]] * Please allow me a moment of blatant self-promotion. I just want to introduce the latest episode of my Seattle Channel cable-TV history series, Eccentric Seattle. The topic this time: Washington’s 1940s anti-communist “witch hunts.” Sanctioned by the state’s new Republican majority and led by freshman state Representative Albert F. Canwell of Spokane (pictured here), that pre-McCarthy-era pursuit of communists under every bed and behind every fence post resulted in the disbanding of Seattle’s first professional theater company and the dismissal of three University of Washington faculty members who’d been accused--through innuendo and hearsay--of having communist connections. Click here to check out the streaming video of “The Inquisition: Seattle’s Own ‘Red Scare.’”

If you’ve missed previous episodes of Eccentric Seattle, and would like to catch up, links to those can be referenced on the same page. You’ll need the RealPlayer software to watch any of these episodes, but the Web site should lead you to a place where that can easily be downloaded.

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