Thursday, March 02, 2006

Up Front and Loving It

[[L O O K S]] * I can’t say that I’ve ever actually read a copy of Loaded, one of Britain’s suddenly ubiquitous “lad mags,” as such publications specializing in sex, cars, and curvaceous (not to mention scantily clad) young women have come to be known. But, being a guy and all, I couldn’t miss some excerpted comments from Jennifer Ellison, the 22-year-old, captivating blond actress (Hell’s Kitchen) and pop singer (Baby I Don’t Care). Asked to describe the “perfect breasts,” Ellison tells Loaded that they “have to be up, perky and round. And I hate it when girls have huge big nipples that look like fried eggs!” Of course, she says all this now, when her 32DD cleavage is the target of many a flashbulb and gossipmonger. Let’s see if the Liverpool lovely is quite so dogmatic on the subject 20 years, and 20 or 30 pounds, down the road.

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