Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Break Out the Shovels

[[M O R E]] * To nobody’s surprise, provocative FOX TV and radio commentator Tony Snow was named this morning as the third press secretary for what Eric Alterman (When Presidents Lie) has dubbed America’s first “post-truth presidency.” And in what may be a sorry portent of things to come, after being introduced by George W. Bush to White House reporters, Snow declined to answer any questions thrown his way.

READ MORE:Guffaws About a Fox Guarding the White House,” by Matea Gold (Los Angeles Times); “When Terry Met Peggy: Will Tony Snow’s Gab Be the Gift That Keeps on Giving? ” by Bruce Reed (Slate); “Let It Snow,” by Steve Benen (The Carpetbagger Report); “Tony Snow Becomes White House Press Secretary,” by Howard Kurtz and Fred Barbash (The Washington Post); “Tony Snow Ready to Shovel It Officially,” by Steve Soto (The Left Coaster); “Neal Cavuto to Be Named Treasury Secretary,” by Cenk Uygur (The Huffington Post).

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