Thursday, April 27, 2006

Charlie in Charge

[[B O O K S]] * It’s only occasionally that I let my other professional endeavors leak over into my blogging. And this, my friends, is one of those occasions.

I want to direct you to an interview in January Magazine with Charlie Huston, the ambitious 38-year-old New York City crime novelist whose second published book, Six Bad Things (2005), is vying for a 2006 Edgar Allan Poe Award. Those prestigious commendations will be presented by the Mystery Writers of America during a gala celebration tonight in Manhattan. Anthony Rainone, a New York writer (and rookie blogger) who has contributed a tremendous amount of both time and imagination to January over the last few years, interviewed Huston, and the results are well worth reading, for his article delves not only into Huston’s thinking about novels, but also gives some insight into his debut efforts in the field of comic-book scripting (he and illustrator David Finch have recently resurrected the Marvel series Moon Knight).

Thanks to Anthony for drawing so much out of Huston during their interview, and good luck to Huston himself during tonight’s awards ceremony.

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