Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crime Finds a New Home on the Web

[[B L O G S]] * Just call me a glutton for punishment. I have now become the host of not one, but two blogs. In addition to Limbo, which (despite my limited free time) seems finally to have hit a comfortable stride, today I launched The Rap Sheet. Or maybe I should say reincarnated The Rap Sheet, since a monthly newsletter version has been available to readers of the online literary journal January Magazine ever since 1999. As was true of that newsletter, the new Rap Sheet blog has as its mission to cover the wide and sometimes (but not always) wonderful world of crime fiction. Along with a handful of other contributors, I’ll be writing about new books in the field, news about authors and their various endeavors, and notable awards presentations. We also intend to rant a little bit, and maybe expand our focus from books to include television and film, where fictional mystery and mayhem tend to find homes, as well. And I’ve incorporated January’s crime-fiction links into The Rap Sheet, making this blog a sort of one-stop-shopping center of resources for fans of this literary genre.

Stop by when you get a few free moments, and let us show you around. We promise to entertain, and maybe even educate every now and again.

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