Saturday, November 04, 2006

“All We Have to Do Now Is Take These Lies and Make Them True Somehow”

If this video doesn’t get you fired up and ready to vote next Tuesday, November 7, I don’t know what will. It recounts the rise and fall of George W. Bush and the disasters he’s caused--and ignored--during his almost six years in the White House. Provided that the administration doesn’t tamper successfully with the midterm election results (and isn’t it a sad state of affairs that Americans now need to worry about such things these days?), maybe we can finally start to look ahead to a brighter, post-Bush future where fear no longer reigns supreme, where the United States is once again respected in the world, and where freedom is more than merely a White House talking point.

We want our fuckin’ country back!

(Hat tip to A Dark Planet.)


Anonymous said...

If you are or know who did this please tell them to send a copy to the DNC and all media outlets. This must be shown before Tuesday.
It's absolutely the best You Tube video I've seen. It's so inspiring and says it all. everything. And with the average people fisting freedom just is the icing.

Ivan G. said...

Can't even begin to express how much I enjoyed this, Mr. P -- thanks for sharing.