Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reason Number 2,357 Why the GOP Failed to Become America’s “Permanent Majority” Party

In Minnesota, Rae Hart Anderson, a Republican former teacher turned nurse practitioner who was unsuccessful in her campaign to unseat Democratic state Senator Satveer Chaudhary in his bid for a third term, conceded via e-mail, rather than with the usual congratulatory phone call. And in her electronic message, she spent most of her time trying to convert Chaudhary, a second-generation Indian-American and practicing Hindu, to Christianity, rather than suggesting how he might better serve Minnesota voters.

Minneapolis-St. Paul TV station WCCO has the verbatim text, but one of the choicest parts comes right up front:
Congratulations on winning the District 50 senate race. Your phone is “busy” … no doubt with good wishes!

I’ve enjoyed much of this race, especially the people I’ve met…even you! I see your deficits--not all of them, and your potential--but not all of it. Only your Creator knows the real potential He’s put in you. Get to know Him and know yourself … you’ll be more interesting even to you!

The race of your life is more important than this one--and it is my sincere wish that you’ll get to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He died for the sins of the world, yours and mine--and especially for those who accept His forgiveness. His kingdom will come and His will be done--on earth as it is in heaven. There’s more … I love belonging to the family of God. Jesus is the way, the truth and offers His life to you and each human being. Pay attention … this is very important, Satveer. Have you noticed Jesus for yourself … at some moment in time, yet???
And Anderson’s note concludes:
Jesus Christ lives in His earth family by His Spirit. He said He’d be back, and He said it first. You could invite Him to make the race of your life ‘eternal’. God waits to be gracious to each person that knows they need to be forgiven. Do you? I think you do. Just ask. Christ won eternal life for you and said so. Take Him at His Word. Take some time to get acquainted with this power-filled Jesus ... God with us. You could be a temple of the living God, by invitation--yours, TO GOD. :) There’s nothing like belonging to Christ ... not winning, not money, not degrees ... it’s the best.
Good wishes and better wishes ... until you wish for the best!
“To get a sermon is definitely a surprise,” Chaudhary told WCCO. But perhaps Anderson, who confirms the nitwitted drive to make the GOP “God’s Own Party,” was the most surprised. She thought the Lord was by her side in this race; yet she lost by a whopping margin of 63 percent to 36 percent.

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