Saturday, August 11, 2007

“It’s a Five O’Clock World”

Recently, I questioned Drew Carey’s decision to host The Price Is Right--and with good reason. I think he has too much potential to become a game-show fixture. And the video embedded below should remind everybody of that fact.

As TV Squad explains, this delightful segment is the first of three music videos shown during the second season of The Drew Carey Show (1995-2004)--and it’s my favorite, by far. In it, Carey comes off as somebody willing to make fun of himself, but not without artistic ambitions. I am particularly happy to be reminded here of Katy Selverstone, who for a time played Carey’s thoroughly delightful--and too-good-for-him--girlfriend, Lisa Robbins. (She’s the seductive brunette with whom he dances, midway through the video, after pitching paychecks over his shoulder.)

A portion of this video (based around The Vogues’ song “Five O’Clock World”) was used behind the opening credits of The Drew Carey Show during season two, before being replaced by a segment built around the more in-your-face song “Cleveland Rocks” (originally sung by Ian Hunter).

So I ask again: Drew, are you sure it’s necessary to bury yourself in The Price Is Right?


kraven said...

Katy Selverstone is beautiful!

I watched the show "live" back in 1995 and I lost interest in the show during the 2nd season after she was written out.

Charles Smyth said...

Great video, Jeff! Don't worry about Carey hosting TPIR. He'll make the program watchable and be paid very well for his efforts.