Tuesday, January 15, 2008


From Salon’s excellent “War Room” political column:
One reason you don’t hear the Republican presidential candidates invoking the name of the current president so often: A Washington Post/ABC News Poll has George W. Bush’s approval rating at 32 percent, the lowest number that poll has recorded since Bush took office in 2001.

It’s a new number, but it’s the same old story. As ABC notes, Bush is just two months away from breaking Harry Truman’s record of going 38 months without approval from a majority of Americans.
Amazing that Bush’s staffers think his popularity is due for an upswing, and that he can reach 45 percent approval by the time he reaches office next January. Who’re they shittin’? The only way Bush can top 40 percent at this point, is if he resigned, admitted that he was as incompetent in his present job as we all know he is, and spilled enough dirt on Dick Cheney to get him impeached. That would guarantee Bush a rapid and record rise in popularity.

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