Monday, March 17, 2008

Smart Quote of the Week (Just for Contrast)

David Paterson was inaugurated today as New York’s new governor, following the resignation of former rising-star politician Eliot Spitzer amid a prostitution scandal. But he already made his first mark with reporters last Thursday, when he was asked by a reporter whether he himself had ever patronized a prostitute. Paterson’s response:

“Only the lobbyists.”

Too bad Paterson will probably not be in his new office for long. Expectations are that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is term-limited from seeking re-election, will be recruited to run for the governor’s seat in 2010. Though whether he’d run as a Democrat (which he was for most of his life), a Republican (which he morphed into to be elected mayor), or an Independent (which he became last summer) is pretty much anybody’s guess.

READ MORE:Paterson Will Be an Unlikely Governor,” by Ben Smith (The Politico).

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