Tuesday, April 22, 2008

50,000 and Counting

My wife and I were away in Vancouver, Canada, for a few days. And when we returned, I noticed that the diminutive red-and-white counter located at the bottom of this page’s left-hand column (under the “I Power Blogger” button) had clocked past the 50,000 mark. That means Limbo has welcomed more than 50,000 unique visitors since I first installed the counter in the summer of 2006 (which was about a year after my first posting here).

Anyone who’s been tuning in for a while knows that I go through spurts of energetic writing, followed by too-long silences. So I appreciate all of you who have stuck with me through those ups and downs, the rants and raves, the multiple Bush scandals and frequent nostalgic comments on old television shows, and the seemingly unending but still fascinating current Democratic race for the White House. There are many other blogs worth visiting--a number of which are included in my blogroll on the left--so I appreciate that you take a bit of time out of your day now and then to see what’s been on my mind. I shall continue to try to both entertain and inform here, and look forward to Limbo surmounting the 100,000 visitor mark. Let me know occasionally what you think of my efforts.

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