Saturday, April 26, 2008

“Adolescent, Mindlessly Belligerent War Cries”

It’s becoming abundantly clear that, if you like George W. Bush’s bellicose foreign policy, you’re really going to love what John “100 Years War” McCain has in mind if he gets into the White House. First, he stupidly “joked” about bombing Iran, now this. From Glenn Greenwald’s column today in Salon:
John McCain was on a conference call with right-wing bloggers yesterday and boasted:
I think that people should understand that I will be Hamas’s worst nightmare.
What possible reason would a U.S. President have for turning himself and our country into a “nightmare” for Hamas, let alone its “worst nightmare”? Hamas is a single-issue Palestinian group, focused exclusively on its “territorial dispute” with Israel (and, in light of its victory in the U.S.-demanded election, is also now preoccupied with governing the Palestinian Authority). Is there anyone who thinks that Hamas has tried to, will try to, or ever could attack the U.S.? Hamas is an enemy of Israel, not the U.S. Is that a distinction we even recognize any more?

What exactly is the point of feeding Israel billions of dollars every year in military aid if we’re going to deem every one of its fights to be our fight, and every one of its enemies to be our Enemy? Is that actually what Americans want to do: insinuate ourselves even more into other endless, intractable religious and ethnic conflicts in the Middle East?

More disturbingly still, this chest-beating threat from McCain is merely the latest in a long line of adolescent, mindlessly belligerent war cries emanating from the Serious foreign policy candidate.
Greenwald’s full piece can be found here.

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