Friday, April 04, 2008

Subscribe to Limbo

You might notice, near the top of the left-hand column on this page, a new box inviting you to “Subscribe to Limbo.” Periodically over the last year, readers have requested a simple, non-techie way to be updated whenever there’s new material in this blog. But until recently, I haven’t been satisfied with a means of getting that information out.

However, my colleague Linda L. Richards recently installed a FeedBurner subscription box on the January Magazine front page. After signing on to that service for myself, and receiving periodic updates, I am quite pleased with the results. Therefore, I’ve decided to use the same system for Limbo. It seems easier to use, delivers less-cluttered e-mail communications, and appears to offer more of what I am interested in (and less of what I am not) than other free Web subscription software.

So if you feel that you’re missing out on what this page offers, and would like to receive regular updates, feel free to subscribe. And let me know what you think about this service.

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