Monday, January 26, 2009

Best Face Forward

As many readers of Limbo are already aware, for the last couple of years I have also been writing another blog, The Rap Sheet, in which I report and comment on crime-fiction-related subjects. There, I frequently write about book jacket design, whether I’m knocking contemporary publishers for their willingness to foist copycat covers onto readers, or applauding recent and excellent front cover art. I have also remarked on the appeal of classic crime-fiction jackets.

That last interest, though, has finally led me to create a weekly spin-off blog, Killer Covers, in which I cite particularly interesting older crime novel fronts. It’s only been in development for two weeks, so there isn’t yet much to see at Killer Covers. But already it has taught me a thing or two about the genre’s history. Yesterday, for instance, I remarked on the works of Harry Oleskar, whose 1958 novel, Now, Will You Try for Murder?, was nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel, but who died before he could fulfill the promise so many saw in him.

Check out Killer Covers when you have a free moment.

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