Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Congratulations to Southern California’s Santa Monica Pier, which today celebrates its 100th birthday. Complete with a Ferris wheel, a 1920s carousel, eateries, and some magnificent views of the adjacent former independent beach town, that pier is one of Los Angeles’ best-known and best-loved historic landmarks. Visitors crowd onto its wooden length every summer (you may have spotted me there a few times), and the public promenade--originally two piers, but connected long ago--has been featured in films such as The Sting and Titanic. The Santa Monica Pier was the western end of famous Route 66, the sunset-endowed summation to a long drive well spent. Innumerable romances have been kindled, fish caught, daydreams spun, and spirits lifted along that high wooden stretch.

Reporter Renee Montagne offered National Public Radio listeners a fine tribute to the Santa Monica Pier earlier this week. This evening there will be more festivities on the landmark itself. If you happen to attend, please pass along to the pier my blessings. I’ll be back there as soon as possible. Guaranteed.

(Hat tip to Lazy Thoughts from a Boomer.)

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