Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quote of the Week

From Andrew Sullivan’s column in The Atlantic:
When [right-wing editor and publisher] Andrew Breitbart offers $100,000 for a private e-mail list-serv archive, essentially all bets are off. Every blogger or writer who has ever offered an opinion is now on warning: your opponents will not just argue against you, they will do all they can to ransack your private life, cull your email in-tray, and use whatever material they have to unleash the moronic hounds of today's right-wing base.

Yes, the Economist was right. This is not about transparency, or hypocrisy. It’s about power. And when you are Andrew Breitbart, power is all that matters. There is not a whit of thoughtfulness about this, not an iota of pretense that it might actually advance the conversation about how to deal with, say, a world still perilously close to a second Great Depression, a government that is bankrupt, two wars that have been or are being lost, an energy crisis that is also threatening our planet's ecosystem, and a media increasingly incapable of holding the powerful accountable.

Meanwhile, the GOP leaders, having done all they can to destroy a presidency by obstructing everything and anything he might do or have done to address the crippling problems bequeathed him by his predecessor, are now also waging a scorched earth battle to prevent the working poor from having any real access to affordable health insurance.

This is what the right now is: no solutions, just anger, paranoia, insecurity and partisan hatred.
(Hat tip to The Reaction.)

READ MORE:Listen, Y’all, It’s a Republican Sabotage,” by Bob Cesca (The Huffington Post).

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Rural View said...

Sigh. Remember when there was such a thing as privacy? Of course by putting our thoughts online some would say we're asking for this, but I'm holding fast to the first amendment and at 70 I think I'm entitled to have my say. Unfortunately, I have to take the consequences when I do. As for health insurance, my husband and I struggled for many years as self-employed people to pay for our own health insurance until finally we were eligible for Medicare. Since we both have chronic diseases, that "universal health insurance" is a blessing.