Friday, July 30, 2010

Arnold Gets Sand Kicked in His Face

Seven years ago, minority California Republicans were positively gleeful about engineering a recall campaign to take down duly elected Democratic Governor Gray Davis and replace him with actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. But Schwarzenegger soon went on to infuriate voters with his sex scandals and right-wing legislative proposals. He survived being ousted himself only by embracing Democratic efforts and pushing the GOP away to arm’s length. Apparently, though, even such baldly political concessions have not won the so-called Governator much love.

A new survey by Public Policy Polling “gives Arnold an approval rating of only 19%, with a whopping 71% disapproval. By contrast, Gray Davis’s personal favorable rating is a much healthier (but still awful) 32%, with an unfavorable rating of 44%. Respondents were asked: ‘Who would you rather have as Governor now, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Gray Davis?’ The answer turned out to be Davis 44%, Schwarzenegger 38%.”

READ MORE:Who’s to Blame for Schwarzenegger’s Mess? Schwarzenegger,” by Sheila James Kuehl (Los Angeles Times).

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