Thursday, August 19, 2010

Early Warning

You still aren’t taking seriously concerns that Republicans hope to eliminate Social Security and Medicare if they manage to take control of Congress with this November’s midterm elections? Then just listen to former GOP House Speaker and current “Tea Party” leader Dick Armey as he lays out the right-wing strategy to starve those vital social programs to death by making them voluntary.

READ MORE:Granholm Calls Out Armey and Ryan for Wanting to ‘Effectively Dismantle’ the Social Safety Net” (Think Progress); “Toomey Touts His ‘Very Important’ Social Security Plan, Without Mentioning It’s Based on Privatization” (Think Progress); “Alaska GOP Senate Candidate Joe Miller Suggests Medicare and Social Security Are Unconstitutional” (Think Progress); “Rep. Marsha Blackburn: If the GOP Takes Back Congress, Our Priority Will Be to Repeal Health Reform” (Think Progress).

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Rural View said...

I live in PA where Toomey started his TV campaign about 2 min. after the primary was over. His negative ads have continued with no let-up. His latest one suggests reforming health care insurance by letting the insurance companies compete. He says that will reduce premiums! What does he think they've been doing all this time?