Friday, January 28, 2011

Ruffling Feathers

This news comes from Entertainment Weekly:
With Comcast officially taking control of NBC Universal this week, the corporate office has unveiled a new company logo [left] that seems to be missing something. Actually, it’s missing just about everything. It’s just text. And, most strikingly: There’s no peacock.
Yikes! The peacock has been a part of NBC-TV’s logo ever since the 1950s, demonstrating the network’s commitment to color broadcasting. There was an earlier time when it disappeared, during the mid-1970s--which I recall as the high point of my boob tube viewing--to be replaced by a stylized “N” logo made up of two trapezoids. But the faithful peacock was restored to branding dominance in the fall of 1979, and has continued to symbolize the network ever since. That Comcast should choose to jettison that heritage in favor of an extremely boring new logo just demonstrates its disregard for the rich history of what used to be (in my opinion) America’s best source of nighttime entertainment.

Below are NBC logos dating back to the “microphone logo” of the 1940s and continuing up to the pre-Comcast version.

(Hat tip to Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine.)

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