Monday, April 25, 2011

Republicans Lied About Protecting Medicare

When Republicans in Congress voted earlier this month to support a radical government budget plan that eliminated Medicare and replaced it with a voucher program, gutted Medicaid, scrapped President Obama’s history-making health-care reform legislation, and decimated the food stamp program for the poor, yet simultaneously slashed tax rates for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, they had to know that Democrats would club them severely over the head for trying to turn back the clock on the nation’s social-assistance advances. Furthermore, Republicans had previously--and altogether falsely--accused Democrats of seeking to undermine the very same social programs, and many in the GOP had promised unequivocally that they would protect Medicare.

As a powerful new ad from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) points out, Republicans essentially lied about their intentions in order to win election last November.

Will seniors and other Americans stand for such bald-faced betrayals? We’ll see. Here’s the ad:

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WordProcessor said...

The Repugs lie about anything and everything to get elected/reelected. They all have hidden bank accounts, for the corps. they really work for to kick to.