Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Republican’ts Fail to Create Jobs

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent says major U.S. news organizations are doing a disservice to voters by not looking more closely at the disparate jobs-creation ideas presented by the country’s two political parties. “[President] Obama and the Senate GOP have both introduced jobs plans,” Sargent writes. “In reporting on the Senate plan, many news organizations described it as a ‘GOP jobs plan.’ And that’s fine--Rand Paul said it would create five million of them. But few if any of the same news orgs that amplified the GOP offering of a jobs plan are making any serious effort to determine whether independent experts think there’s anything to it. And independent experts don’t think there’s anything to it--they think the GOP jobs plan would not create any jobs in the near term, and could even hurt the economy. By contrast, they do think the Obama plan would create jobs and lead to growth.” More here.

READ MORE:Reid Hurts Senate GOP’s Feelings,” by Steve Benen
(The Washington Monthly).

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