Thursday, December 22, 2011

Only the Best for You

I’m sorry to have let Limbo go pretty quiet over the last couple of weeks, but my attention has been drawn away to writing and editing many of January Magazine’s “Best Books of 2011” reviewlets. In case you haven’t noticed yet, those compilations of favorite reads have now been posted.

I was primarily responsible, as I have been over many years now, for putting together the crime-fiction section. This year, it features 34--yes, you read that right, 34!--recommendations of books published during the last dozen months. Because there are so many books, they’ve been broken down into two separate posts, part I here and part II here.

In addition to these picks, January Magazine is offering inventories of favorite books from 2011 in the categories of fiction, non-fiction, art and culture, cookbooks, books for children, science fiction and fantasy, and biography. Details about the magazine’s annual selection process are available here. Enjoy!

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