Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“When Mitt Romney Came to Town”

The much-anticipated half-hour film attacking Mitt Romney as a “corporate raider” and sponsored by a Newt Gingrich-aligned Super PAC can now be seen online.

FOLLOW-UP: Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) is now backing Romney on the campaign trail, and trying to help blunt attacks on the candidate’s history as a businessman who made millions of dollars off closing companies and firing workers. So he’d probably prefer that you forget the “three separate instances” in which McCain--then fighting for the Republican presidential nomination himself--“went after Romney on his record at Bain [Capital] in 2008.” Read more here.

READ MORE:‘King of Bain’: 6 Questions Answered About Anti-Mitt Romney Attack Ads,” by Gloria Goodale (Christian Science Monitor); “GOP Frets Gingrich’s Attacks Will Damage Romney in November General Election,” by Justin Sink (The Hill); “Why Romney Might Lose” (Taegan Goodard’s Political Wire); “Can Mitt Feel Pain?,” by Bob Moser (The American Prospect); “GOP Nomination Process 2012 … Via 2008 … Via 2004,” by Justin Gardner (Donklephant); “Haven’t We Lived Through This Before?,” by David Weigel (Slate).

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