Saturday, February 11, 2012

What’s Old Is on View Again

Tomorrow night will bring television watchers (and far fewer actual participants in this event) the 54th annual Grammy Awards presentation, which has been scheduled this year at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. Meanwhile, an article appearing today in The Huffington Post--“Best and Worst Grammys Dresses of All Time”--reminds me of a fashion vs. book art comparison made a few years back by Brian Lindenmuth, who’s now the non-fiction editor of Spinetingler Magazine. Since his post has since disappeared from the Web, I think it’s worth mentioning the comparison once more.

As Lindenmuth noted, the exotic and extremely loose-fitting dress singer Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys ceremony in 2000--shown above on the left--looks remarkably like the barely covering attire with which artist Robert McGinnis draped his shapely female subject on the front of The Passionate Pagan, a Carter Brown paperback thriller released by Signet in 1963.

The Huffington Post called Lopez’s gap-fronted frock one of the worst-ever Grammy outfits. But McGinnis’ cover definitely shines.

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