Monday, March 12, 2012

This Time, She’ll Find the Tin Man a Heart ...
Even If She Has to Rip It Out of Someone Else!

It turns out this fabulous poster mock-up for a movie that will (tragically) never be made has been bumping around the Internet for a couple of years, but I’d never seen it until today. (A big old hat tip to my friend Adam Woog.) Hey, if the 16th president of the United States can be re-created as a vampire assassin, then why not send a somewhat hotter-looking Dorothy Gale of Kansas off to slay the Wizard? Come to think of it, I’m surprised Hollywood filmmakers haven’t already made this film. And its sequel, too--Bite Me: Toto vs. the Werewolves.

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Dave Knadler said...

I love this. And I wouldn't rule out a movie on this concept, in the fullness of time.