Friday, July 27, 2012

Yanks for Nothing

Clearly, Brits were not impressed with Mitt Romney’s gaffe-tastic visit to London for the opening of this summer’s Olympics. The country’s best-selling newspaper, The Sun, labeled him “Mitt the Twit.” Daily Mail political editor James Chapman declared him “worse than Sarah Palin” (and that’s saying a great deal).

“Seriously,” intoned former Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis after hearing about Romney’s stupid crack about London not being ready to host the Games, “some Americans just shouldn’t leave the country.” Amen to that.

READ MORE:The Problem with ‘Mitt the Twit’: He’s a Wazzock,” by John Cassidy (The New Yorker); “Romney Gives London the Twitches,” by Michael Shaw (BagNewsNotes); “What’s Wrong with Mitt Romney?” by Joan Walsh (Salon); “A Brief History of U.S. Presidents and the Olympics” (Time).

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