Saturday, September 22, 2012

“A Gold-plated Turkey”?

I’m still unwilling to call this year’s presidential contest a win for incumbent Barack Obama (there are still televised debates and six weeks of campaigning yet to come). But declarations of Mitt Romney’s failure as a candidate have become downright commonplace. Here’s Kathleen Geier writing in Washington Monthly’s Political Animal blog:
... [O]n a purely personal level at least, the Mittster may well be the least appealing presidential candidate in my lifetime. He oozes insincerity, shallowness, and arrogance; those qualities would be less than awesome in any political environment, but the latter is particularly grating in an economy like this one, where so many are struggling. Worse, not only does he totally lack a common touch, he doesn’t bother to attempt it. The fake populist shtick George W. and especially George H.W. Bush indulged in could be annoying and awkward--remember pork rinds?--but I give them credit for trying. That in itself showed some humility and made them seem a little more human.

But Mittens, at this point, is beginning to emit the strong whiff of a loser. You can almost smell the blood in the water; his own staff has already started bitching to the press about turmoil within the campaign, and even his putative supporters are writing columns comparing him to Thurston Howell III. The only demographic that seems genuinely enthusiastic about the guy are the Mormons, for understandable reasons. But I think there’s an increasing sense among Republicans that they have got a gold-plated turkey on their hands. In public, most Republicans are keeping their counsel for now, but once the election returns are in, I strongly suspect the knives will be out.
You can read the full piece here.

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