Friday, October 12, 2012

“County” Fare

During the 1971-1972 TV season, veteran performer Glenn Ford starred in the CBS crime drama/Western series Cade’s County, playing “the sheriff of the fictional Madrid County, a vast and sparsely populated desert area that was apparently located well inland in the American Southwest.” Character actor Edgar Buchanan (of Petticoat Junction fame) was cast as Ford’s chief deputy, and the program’s theme music was composed by Henry Mancini (better remembered for creating the themes for The NBC Mystery Movie and Remington Steele). Yet Cade’s County failed to catch on with viewers, and it was cancelled the following fall, its Sunday night timeslot being given over to Mannix.

I haven’t seen Cade’s County in four decades. However, I discovered today that its 10th episode, “A Gun for Billy” (originally broadcast on November 28, 1971), can now be watched, in five parts, on YouTube. Part I is here. As usual with YouTube videos, it’s best to jump on the opportunity to watch this right away, because it might vanish from the site soon.

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