Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It Wasn’t Even a Close Match

Steve Benen offers a good analysis this morning in The Maddow Blog of what went on during last night’s third and final presidential-contest debate, and why President Obama came out the winner. He begins with this overall statement:
Debate analysis is a bit like art evaluation--not everyone sees the same thing--but I not only thought the president excelled last night, I think Romney very nearly embarrassed himself. After six years of campaigning for the nation’s highest office, asking voters to make him the leader of the free world, the former one-term governor conveyed an unnerving message to the nation in the year’s final debate: he neither knows nor cares about international affairs. As a New York Times editorial noted, Romney at times “sounded like a beauty pageant contestant groping for an answer to the final question.”
Benen’s full post can be found here.

READ MORE:The Big Gaffe: Mitt Romney Doesn’t Know Geography,” by Michael J.W. Stickings (The Reaction); “How Obama Just Won Ohio: Moderate Isolationism,” by Andrew Sabl (SameFacts.com).

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