Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Romney Thinks Voters Will Fall for Anything

This headline appeared today in The Maddow Blog: “Romney, Aides Can’t Keep Their Story Straight on Reproductive Rights.”

Essentially, Republican president-wannabe Willard Mitt Romney is trying to fool all of the people all of the time. Yesterday, he claimed--despite ample evidence to the contrary--that abortion legislation is not part of his agenda. Only two hours later, his chief spokesperson said exactly the opposite. This is getting ridiculous! Romney thinks American voters are IDIOTS and that he can make us believe whatever he wants to at any given moment. He’s wrong. We’re concerned and educated citizens who don’t want to see somebody like him--two-faced, hypocritical, dishonest in the extreme, and unconcerned with helping 47 percent of the country--occupy the White House.

President Barack Obama has demonstrated great dexterity, thoughtfulness, and patience as a leader over his three-plus years in the Oval Office so far, and he deserves a second term. So I'll be voting for Obama on November 6. And that’s no lie.

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