Thursday, March 14, 2013

At Sea with the Captain

At the height of their renown, The Captain & Tennille perform “Love Will Keep Us Together.”

I almost never remember my dreams, but last night I dreamt that I had to drop something off at a small downtown business which turned out to be operated by the once-famous, 1970s musical duo The Captain & Tennille.

I was surprised and amused to discover who ran this office, but the friends I was with me apparently had no idea who The Captain & Tennille were, and I didn’t seem able to explain the pair’s cultural significance or what they had accomplished. It seemed that I was the only one left in the world who remembered The Captain & Tennille. At one point in our conversation, I tried to persuade “Captain” Daryl Dragon to don his billed skipper’s hat, hoping that this would clear things up for everyone, but he didn’t have the headwear with him. Besides, he and wife Toni Tennille were less interested in impressing my friends than they were in buying my copy of the fall 1976 edition of TV Guide, in which their short-lived ABC variety show was previewed. (See below.) What made this dream all the more absurd was that Dragon turned out to be a fount of jokes about bears.

I woke myself up laughing.

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