Monday, January 13, 2014

Not Presidential Material?

From Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post:
Former New Jersey governor Thomas H. Kean, one of the state’s most revered figures and a mentor to current Republican Gov. Chris Christie, contends that the leadership qualities Christie has shown while in office should give pause to voters nationally, as they begin to size up Christie as a potential president.

“On the one hand, I think he’s got a lot to offer. I think he’s the most able politician since Bill Clinton,” Kean (R) said in an interview with The Washington Post. “On the other hand, you look at these other qualities and ask, do you really want that in your president?”

Kean’s comments come as the current governor is beset by controversy over revelations that officials loyal to Christie engineered closure of part of the George Washington Bridge in September, inconveniencing tens of thousands of state residents in an apparent act of vindictiveness against a local mayor.
NBC News’ “First Thoughts” blog says, “So far, there’s no more devastating comment from any Republican than Kean’s comment. Of course, it’s worth noting, Kean’s son and Christie just recently clashed, so this is personal for him, too.”

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