Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Reading Wrap-ups

Yes, I know that things have been pretty quiet here in Limbo Land over the last couple of months. I’ve been caught up in holiday festivities, the planning of a Christmas vacation to beautiful Quebec City, Canada (eventually and disappointingly aborted due to inclement conditions in Quebec), and my usual responsibilities in putting together end-of-the-year “best books” lists.

The results of those last efforts can be found in two places on the Web. Click here to see the list of my 10 favorite crime novels from 2013, posted on the Kirkus Reviews site. And click here to find January Magazine’s “Best Books of 2013” feature package, which includes the “Best of Crime Fiction” reviewlets I compiled. I also contributed to January’s “Best of Non-Fiction” section.

Here’s hoping that the next 12 months will bring us both numerous excellent reading opportunities, all worth recalling when New Year’s Day 2015 comes rolling around.

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