Saturday, January 18, 2014

Something of a Mitt Fit

Wow, Washington Monthly’s Martin Longman really doesn’t want to subject himself to the new film documentary about failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:
I don’t think I could sit through a documentary about Mitt Romney in order to write a movie review. The man told too many lies. Maybe some of you know how many Steve Benen ultimately documented. By late-August 2012, it was up to 533. It was just incredible how frequently and shamelessly Mitt Romney made outright false assertions. And I think forcing nearly half the country to defend that kind of behavior has a crippling effect on the moral character of America. It’s very similar to the way the GOP’s standards were permanently damaged the moment that they had defend Sarah Palin as an acceptable potential president. Suddenly, it was not just acceptable, but virtuous, to be ignorant about foreign affairs. Reading the papers became something only snobs do. It was okay to treat a vice-presidential debate the way you’d treat a beauty pageant.

When Mitt Romney decided to run a campaign built entirely on mendacious statements, he destroyed any vestige of truthfulness in his party. I was so happy to see him lose and was amazed that he’d managed to lie even to himself about his prospects for success. If this movie portrays him as somehow honorable, that is just one more lie. Call it the cherry on top.
I must say, I agree wholeheartedly.

READ MORE:MITT: Five Big Revelations About Romney in the New Documentary,” by Sahil Kapur (Talking Points Memo).

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