Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It’s Time for Vitter to Go

Headline: “Under Pressure, Vitter Concedes, ‘I Failed My Family’

I'm sick and tired of right-wingers committing despicable or duplicitous acts, and then asking for public absolution because ... well, they’re ostensibly religious, or they’ve apologized to all aggrieved parties, or they have somehow talked with God (what's His phone number again?) and been assured that they’re forgiven for their all-too-obvious transgressions. This is just another way for Republicans to not take responsibility for their actions.

Face it: David Vitter’s prostitution scandal was not forced upon him; he was not an innocent party in the whole affair. And while his acts alone don't necessarily reflect something broken and weak about his character, his subsequent denial of wrongdoing and dismissal of its importance does. This “family values” Republican seems to have learned nothing from the scandal. He’s just another right-wing ideologue who hopes to impose his short-sighted views on everyone else. He’s no more fit to be the governor of Louisiana than he is fit to be a husband. Voters should reject his candidacy, not only because he’s a liar and a cheat, but because it took a campaign that’s about to blow up in his face before he was willing to be halfway honest with the public at large about his misbehavior. He’s now hoping that enough people will be fooled by his camera-ready contrition to reward him with an office he doesn't deserve.

I hope his faith in public gullibility is misplaced.

READ MORE:David Vitter’s Long-Delayed Political Punishment,” by Russel Berman (The Atlantic); “David Vitter is a Cheap Political Prostitute: Even Louisiana Racists Smell the Desperation in His Foul New Campaign Ad,” by Robert Mann (Salon); “How Bobby Jindal and a Decade-Old Sex Scandal Might Bring Down David Vitter,” by Marin Cogan (New York).

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