Thursday, May 25, 2006

Forsaking the Middle Class

[[Q U O T A B L E]] * From the latest commentary by Lou Dobbs, host of CNN-TV’s weeknight news program Lou Dobbs Tonight:
Never before in our country’s history have both the president and Congress been so out of touch with most Americans. Never before have so few of our elected officials and corporate leaders been less willing to commit to the national interest. And never before has our nation’s largest constituent group--some 200 million middle-class Americans--been without representation in our nation’s capital.
And to think, Dobbs is a lifelong Republican. This just proves recent media findings, that members of the GOP (with the peculiar exception of John McCain) are no happier having George W. Bush and his lackeys on Capitol Hill than are the rest of us.

READ MORE:Dear Mr. Dobbs,” by Andrea Batista Schlesinger (The News Blog).

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