Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nanny and the Politician

[[C A R E E R S]] * Would you elect this woman as your next political representative? That’s right, it’s Fran Drescher, the still-shapely actress with the shocking laugh who made a name for herself primarily with that 1990s sitcom The Nanny. According to the gossipy New York blog CityRag, the 48-year-old Drescher, suddenly free after the cancellation of her most recent situation comedy, Living with Fran, is interested in pursuing a political career. Apparently, she told radio host Howard Stern earlier this week that
she’d like to become a Senator or Congresswoman for the state of New York. She didn’t get to talk much about her politics, but did answer Howard’s question and said that she opposes the death penalty (a courageous stance as the former victim of a violent crime). No mention of which party she would run for but she's been an open critic of the Bush administration and supporter of the Democratic Party.
CityRap calls this “very exciting news,” but I don’t know. Can you image Drescher trying to impart some of her storied “Queens logic” to the long-serving kings of Capitol Hill? And isn’t the Republican-dominated Congress already enough of a joke these days without Fran’s coaching?

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