Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bad News for the Republican’ts

From CNN:
The national exit polls also showed that voters had more than just local issues in mind, with 62 percent saying that national issues made the biggest difference with their votes and 33 percent citing local issues.”They used to say that all politics was local. Not this time,” said CNN political analyst Bill Schneider.The exit polls--by a consortium of broadcast networks and The Associated Press--showed that 42 percent of voters called corruption an extremely important issue in their choices at the polls, followed by terrorism at 40 percent, the economy at 39 percent and the war in Iraq at 37 percent.
It looks as if the “culture of corruption” taint, which Democrats have been trying to tie to the GOP’s tail for the last year or more, is finally paying off.

READ MORE:Preliminary Exit Poll Results Show Disapproval of Bush” (ABC News).

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