Thursday, January 04, 2007

Six with a Bullet

Novelist S.J. Rozan (Absent Friends, In This Rain) recently challenged her fellow crime writers (and wannabes) to concoct intriguing tales that require no more than six words to tell. The results of that contest have been rolling in ever since, some of which bear repeating here:

• “Her new accusation pardoned my victim.” -- Stephen D. Rogers
• “Hold bomb level. Cut the blue--” -- Robin Burcell
• “I *am* the Ripper,” said Holmes. -- Duane Swierczynski
• “Former virgin thrown from military convoy.” -- Barbara Brown
• “The money’s mine. The bullet’s yours.” -- Gary Bush
• “Wanted: husband. Last didn’t make it.” -- Shannon Clute

This competition reminds me of The New Yorker’s last-page cartoon-captioning contest. Something fun to think about, but I always dismiss my ideas as insufficiently clever. What about you? Do you have the imagination to take Rozan up on her challenge? E-mail your six-word entry to:

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