Thursday, January 04, 2007

Women Behaving, Well, Rather Badly

Kate Beckinsale, the captivating 33-year-old English film actress whose memorable roles in Pearl Harbor (2001), Underworld (2003), and The Aviator (2004) helped to leverage her name onto “sexiest women in the world” lists (at Maxim, FHM, and Stuff magazines, to name just three), is apparently suffering from Janet Jackson-esque “wardrobe malfunctions.” The Web site EntertainmentWise reports that “journalists have been getting an eyeful lately” when they interview Beckinsale:
The actress has revealed her penchant for showing off intimate parts of her body while being grilled by pressmen.

And one particular Japanese reporter seemingly couldn’t take the show recently, according to Femalefirst.

Says Beckinsale: “A friend made me wear this top for an interview. I had one tit entirely hanging out in front of this Japanese man.”

“I think I really scared him. He was fumbling around and couldn’t get his tape recorder to work.”
Gee, imagine that ...

The British celebrity gossip Webzine Femalefirst adds that a different interviewer enjoyed an unexpected peek at this actress’ shapely posterior. “My trousers had worn through so much you could see my bottom,” Beckinsale explained later. “My [7-year-old] daughter Lily found it very funny. I was mortified!”

All I want to know is, who do I speak to about press credentials to interview the lovely Ms. B?

* * *
Meanwhile, pop singer and former Mouseketeer Britney Spears hasn’t exactly been draping herself in dignity of late. Following her announcement in November that she’d seek a divorce from her rapper husband, Kevin Federline, the 25-year-old Spears hit the dance-club circuit, overimbibed, and had the paparazzi leaping over each other to photograph her unexpectedly exposed crotch. Now, Bangshowbiz, a London entertainment news agency, reports that Spears “is commissioning a nude portrait of herself. The ‘Toxic’ singer has finally got back in shape following the birth of her second son, Jayden James, and is so proud of her figure she wants it ‘immortalized’ in a painting.” An unidentified source told Britain’s More magazine that Spears “loves the film Titanic, especially the scene where Kate Winslet’s character Rose gets painted in the nude. She wants it tastefully done, though, and is looking for the right artist to do it.”

What, she wasn’t satisfied with having herself immortalized as a pregnant woman kneeling on a bearskin rug? At least Spears doesn’t want to be depicted as the Virgin Mary.

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breakdown said...

is Britney, really worth listening to anymore? is she really still newsworthy? I just dont see it or care. Does she befriend patis Hilton because they have known each aother all their lives or is it to vreate news. I dont care, its yesterday news.
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