Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From the Artful to the Awful

This is hardly a new question, but it’s still a good one: If you could order up DVD sets of any old TV series that aren’t currently available in that format, what would you choose? My own selections would include Harry O, Hec Ramsey, Banyon, The Name of the Game, It Takes a Thief, City of Angels, Assignment: Vienna, Private Eye, and Search--none of which feature among PremiumHollywood.com’s alphabetized picks. Instead, we get AfterM*A*S*H, CPO Sharkey, Flying Blind, James at 15, Manimal, and When Things Were Rotten. A pretty rotten list altogether, though the site’s choices also include L.A. Law (why the hell isn’t that on DVD already?) and The Quest, both of which I’d be happy to sit down and watch again.

Click here to see--and ruthlessly judge--all of the site’s choices.

(Hat tip to TV Squad.)

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