Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh, Heavens

Oklahoma proved during last November’s presidential election that it is the most Republican state in the Union. But it also seems determined to be counted as one of the looniest.

In his blog, Georgetown University law professor and media commentator Jonathan Turley highlights legislation proposed before the Oklahoma House by Representative Sally Kern (R) that blames America’s current economic woes--which began under George W. Bush--on a collapse of public morals. As Turley explains, “Kern has drafted a resolution that puts the current economic crisis squarely on the backs of libertines and godless people who have produced a moral crisis. This includes [President Barack] Obama’s refusal to ‘uphold the long-held tradition of past presidents in recognition of our Natoinal Day of Prayer.’

No, this legislation is not a joke. Though Kern certainly is.

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