Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Historic Session, with More to Be Done

From The Progress Report:
Regardless of what happens in the voting booths today, the 111th Congress will be coming to an end. According to polls, many people--in fact, most Democrats--may be happy to see it go: a recent Pew and National Journal survey shows that only one-third of Democrats think this Congress achieved more than recent congresses, while 60 percent think it has achieved the same or less. Unfortunately, this perception is divorced from reality. The 111th Congress has been easily one of the most productive congresses in American history, having passed major reforms of health care, the financial sector, and the student loan industry, while also pumping a massive stimulus bill into the economy that helped save or create millions of jobs. The New York Times described this Congress as one whose accomplishments rival “any other since the New Deal in scope or ambition.”
You can read the whole piece here.

READ MORE:The End of the ‘Do-Something’ Congress,” by Ezra Klein (The Washington Post).

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