Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blame Where Blame Is Due

Given the unwillingness of Republicans to take any active role in boosting the U.S. economy over the last year, and the fact that George W. Bush left the country in the poor financial state that it’s had to endure since 2008, these findings from the latest Pew Research survey should come as no surprise:
The Republican Party is taking more of the blame than the Democrats for a do-nothing Congress. A record-high 50% say that the current Congress has accomplished less than other recent Congresses, and by nearly two-to-one (40% to 23%) more blame Republican leaders than Democratic leaders for this. By wide margins, the GOP is seen as the party that is more extreme in its positions, less willing to work with the other side to get things done, and less honest and ethical in the way it governs. And for the first time in over two years, the Democratic Party has gained the edge as the party better able to manage the federal government.
Read more about this survey here.

READ MORE:Poll: It Isn’t Both Sides’ Fault,” by Timothy Noah
(The New Republic).

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Anonymous said...

You actually had to have a poll to figure this out?